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Graduating in the top 8% of my class from St. Mary’s Law School in 1983 and after scoring the second best grade in the state on the Texas Bar exam, for the last 36+ years it has been my great privilege to have practiced law in San Antonio and South Texas.  During the first 25 years of my legal career, I attended hundreds of mediations as an advocate for my clients.  For the last eleven years, I have devoted my time to becoming an effective mediator, utilizing the skills, knowledge and experience gained from my time in and around the Courtroom.  Over that period of time, I have conducted thousands of mediations as a mediator, almost all of which were resolved by the agreement of the parties.

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Most of the cases I have mediated have been in the area of family law.  I have also mediated probate matters, business disputes, commercial litigation and a few personal injury cases.  However, the majority of my time is spent mediating family law cases and I am firmly convinced of the incomparable superiority of a mediated resolution of those cases by agreement when compared to the uncertainty, anxiety and expense associated with litigation.  


That is particularly true of family law matters in which the lives and futures of children are at stake.  What happens between parents in a courtroom setting can only be destructive of the co-parenting relationship when family law matters involving children are sought to be resolved within the adversary system.  As I frequently tell parents and their attorneys at the outset of a mediation session, there isn’t one family law case in five hundred that needs to be tried.  The vast majority of family law cases need to be settled.  My goal and my mission are to help people in that endeavor, and almost all of the cases I mediate are ultimately resolved through agreement in the mediation process.  It only makes sense for the people whose lives are going to be affected by the decisions that are made, to make those decisions.  I am here to help.


For those interested, I also provide Arbitration services which have proved to be particularly effective in obtaining workable Temporary Orders in family law cases.  We all know how much time and money can be spent at the Courthouse simply waiting to be assigned to an available Judge on any given day.  It is frequently much more efficient and cost effective to Arbitrate Temporary Orders, thereby achieving a degree of stability while the case is being prepared for mediation, or trial if that is a necessity.  The Arbitration process, particularly with regard to family law Temporary Orders, can be a much less anxiety producing and toxic experience for most people since it occurs outside of a Courtroom setting and in many cases serves to facilitate an agreed resolution through subsequent mediation. 


I hope you will consider affording me the opportunity to mediate  for you and your clients.  You can contact me at (210) 348-7600 or by e-mail at boerneattorney@aol.com.  My office is located in the Fountainhead Tower at 8200 IH 10 West, Suite 875, San Antonio, Texas 78230.  My fee for a half day mediation is $600.00 per party and $1075.00 per party for a full day.


You can refer to the calendar page to check our availability.  We endeavor to keep this calendar as up to date as possible.  For complete up to the minute information on our availability, please feel free to call the office.  We look forward to assisting you and your clients.